Who is Hamata Mangroves

uberunsYousef was born in Egypt on April 11th 1986.  Since then he has lived with his family in a small village, Hamata, about 110 kilometers from Marsa Alam.  Yousef grew up in Hamata and knows the area better than almost anyone.

For over 10 years Yousef has worked as a guide in the tourism industry.  From 2006 until the beginning of 2014 he worked for Qulaan Travel Service, a company local to Hamata, as a snorkeling and diving guide.  During this time he gathered a lot of experience and since then is counted among the most sought after guides in the marina of Hamata.

In response to the increasing mass tourism Yousef founded “Hamata Mangroves” in May of 2014. He is the sole proprietor of the company and since its founding has offered overnight excursions to Sataya as well as diving excursions for small groups.

Nadine was born in Germany and grew up there as well.  Nadine and Yousef met around 4 years ago and are now married.  Nadine has taken over administrative responsibilities and managed the company together with Yousef.



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