Liveaboard Red Sea

We offer the following 4 different dive cruises:

  1. St. John’s South Tour Dive Cruise (6 days)
  2. St. John’s – Zabargad – Rocky Islands – Fury Shoals (6 days)
  3. Brother Islands – Daedalus – Elphinstone (6 days)
  4. Elphinestone – Daedalus – Zabargad – Rocky Islands – Fury Shoals (6 days)

We also offer other routes based on our customer’s wishes. If you have a particular route planned please let us know any time. In between our regularly planned routes we have time for individually planned diving cruises.

Almost all of our cruises start in the harbor of Hamata (around 100 kilometers south of Marsa Alam). As a result, we avoid lengthy boat trips to get to the best reefs in the Red Sea and can spend more time at the most beautiful reefs in Egypt.

You can find an overview of our dates, prices and routes here: Dates and prices.

The selection of which reefs we dive is dependent on the wishes of our guests, the weather and the number of ships already anchored at a given dive spot. This has the advantage that, with a bit of flexible planning, one needs to share a given reef only with a few other vessels or possibly even none avoiding large group dives and ensuring a relaxed diving atmosphere.



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