Experience an unforgettable diving safari in Egypt with us …

If you are looking for an extraordinary diving excursion in the Red Sea , you have come to the right spot.  We, Hamata Mangroves, offer individualized diving excursions in Egypt for affordable prices in the southern Red Sea.  Here you can find an overview of our diving excursions: Dates and Prices.

Who is Hamata Mangroves?

Hamata MangrovesHamata Mangroves was founded in 2015 by Nadine and Yousef with the goal to offer its customers extraordinary diving experiences far away from the mass tourism. Yousef has worked on different diving cruise vessels over the last 10 years and knows the Red Sea and its best diving spots like no other.

Nadine ended up in Egypt for love four years ago.  Since then, her and Yousef are happily married and welcomed their son Talal to the world.

Book a liveaboard in Egypt including flight

On request we can also organize a suitable flight for your diving cruise at cost price.  Simply let us know the possible departure airports and we take care of the rest.  In addition, we also take care of the transfer from the airport to the harbor. We thus provide you with an all-round carefree package and there is nothing left you need to take care of. Everything is organized by us!

Are these diving safaris suited for beginners as well?

The reefs of St. John’s and the Fury Shoals are suited for practiced beginners and advanced divers.  For the St. John’s reefs there is no minimum number of logged diving hours but you should have already completed some dives. The Fury Shoals reefs are especially well suited for beginners who just got their diving license or who would like to get their diving license.

Our Boat – The Seafriend


The boat features   12 cabins with 2 separate beds or double beds each.  8 cabins are below deck and 4 cabins are on the sun deck.  Each cabin has its own shower and toilet and air conditioning.

Even though the boat has room for 24 divers we limited the maximum number of divers on our boat to 16 persons. As a result of this, we are better able to address the individual wishes of our guests.


We also offer the option to small groups to charter our boat in order to take off on an individualized diving excursion in the Red Sea designed specifically based on our wishes and ideas. Simply contact us should you have questions about chartering our boat.

What separates us from other providers?

  • We place a lot of emphasis on the wishes of our guests.  You will not find large group dives or overfilled boats with us.  We take no more than 16 divers to each diving excursion on our boat – the Seafriend.
  • We are not only travel agents, but also dive travel organizers. Hence, everything is centralized and we can quickly react to your wishes.
  • We also place a lot of emphasis on  “German thoroughness”. While one is on vacation and things are more relaxed a diving excursion has to be prepared thoroughly and conscientiously and lots of things have to be considered.
  • We are highly flexible concerning the selection of different diving spots and diving regions.  While we have a general route planning we are able to adjust things on the fly due to the small number of divers and can thus target different diving spots and regions.
  • At times, we are the only boat which starts directly from the harbor in Hamata and thus avoid a lengthy trip to the best diving spots in the southern Red Sea. Consequently, you are left with more time to dive at the best diving spots in the southern Red Sea (Southern Tour)

Book a last minute diving excursion for 2017

If we have spots available, spontaneous participants are welcome to join our diving excursions. These last minute offers represent a great opportunity to take part in a excursion. Keep in mind however that all spots may fill up. As a result, it is advisable to book a trip a few months ahead of time.

When is the best travel time for an excursion?

No matter if it is January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November or December you can participate in a diving excursion year round.  Some divers do prefer September, October or November however since during these months the water is still warm but the surface temperature is a bit reduced which makes things a bit more bearable during the day in comparison to July or August.  The months of April and May are similarly suited for a diving excursion as the surface temperature is pleasant and, due to the water temperature, the chance of seeing large fish is relatively high.

What is so special about a diving cruise in Egypt?

delphine1The reefs of the Red Sea are among the most beautiful reefs of the world. Because of this diving excursions in the Red Sea are very popular.

A diving excursion in the exotic underwater world of the Red Sea is a dream for all divers, snorklers and nature lovers – diverse underwater landscapes, colorful coral gardens and underwater cavesystems offer unique diving experience which never fails to amaze our guests.

Are you among the divers who would love nothing more during your vacation than to spend the entire day in the water?  Among those who complete one exciting dive after the other?

A liveaboard is just the right thing for you – generally three to four dives per day, exciting reefs which are barely reachable from land, and a relaxed atmosphere among similarly minded divers are just a few of the reasons which speak for a diving cruise.

Amazing liveaboard in the Red Sea (South Tour)

schildkroete1Without a doubt the most popular destination for a diving excursion for Europeans is Egypt at the Red Sea with its colorful underwater world and impressive marine life diversity. In addition to the regular inhabitants of reefs while diving in Egypt at many spots one regularly meets majestic big fish – varieties of sharks including gray sharks, hammerhead sharks or even the white tip shark (Longimanus), swordfish, manta rays and with some luck even sunfish.

The further south one starts a liveaboard Egypt the more intact and beautiful are the coral reefs – and as an added bonus there are fewer and fewer divers he further one travels south.

So, if you would like to experience the Red Sea in its most beautiful form then you should definitely look at Egypt ad the southern regions (Red Sea South Tour) as the destination for your next vacation.

seekuhIf you prefer a bit more adventure and would like to see what are among the most beautiful diving reefs in all of Egypt then the deep south and the area around Hamata is just right for you.  Nowhere else in Egypt can you find similarly beautiful coral gardens and their colorful inhabitants as around the notorious “Fury Shoals” and “St. John”.

And now the legitimate question: “Why should you choose US for a diving excursion?” We prefer to take small groups on our excursions.  That sets us apart from pretty much all other providers here in the southern part of Egypt.  We start our excursions with no fewer than 6-8 guests but no more than 12-14 guests.  Our goal is to provide a family atmosphere.  In addition to that, diving with small groups makes the whole experience more relaxing for all participants.  Because of this we can address the needs and wants of every participant.  Beginners or professional divers… and people who just want to snorkel – we make sure everyone is fully satisfied.  Our excursions start from Hamata.  Most of our southern excursions start from Port Galibh.  As a result, we have a significantly larger amount of time to spend at individual reefs as we do not need to travel large distances.

More information concerning our excursions, the individual routes and reefs as well as pricing is available here.

Please do not be dissuaded by the often discussed political situation here in Egypt – the situation in the tourism regions for divers has been and is quiet and no more dangerous than in any other tourism spot in the world – even if the media would at times paint a different picture.

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